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The American Board of Recorded Evidence (ABRE) is an Advisory Board and educational resource for the digital forensic community. We are driven by the open and all inclusive sharing of proven science technology and methods for the benefit of all practitioners and the courts.  

”The security industry is a multibillion dollar industry growing every year. Members of the ABRE are directly involved in the forensic examination of the products of this security business, both domestic and international.”

Thomas Owen, CHS-V, DABFE, DABRE, member since 1996

Executive Committee


Gregg M. Stutchman

Chair Emeritus:

Thomas J. Owen, BA, FACFEI, DABRE, CHS-V

Committee Members:

Eddy B. Brixen, DABFET - (Voice Identification Committee member)

Stephen C. Buller - (Video Chair)

Doug Carner, DABRE, CPP, CCFE, CHS - (Video Committee member)

Allen Combs, DABRE CFC - (Audio Enhancement Chair)

Marisa Dery - (Audio Authentication Chair, Audio Enhancement Committee member)

Andrew Neal - (Digital Evidence Chair, Audio Authentication Committee member)

Jennifer E. Owen, BA, MA, DABRE, DABFE - (Voice Identification Chair)

Ed Primeau, CCI, CFC - (Digital Evidence Committee member)

Updates and Upcoming Events

Listing of our approvals and accreditations

New SWGDE Documents for review

SWGDE Best Practices for
Examining Magnetic Card Readers v2.0
Examining Mobile Phones Using JTAG
the Forensic Use of Photogrammetry
Digital Audio Authentication v1.34

SWGDE Guidance on ISO-IEC 17025 Section 5
as Applied to Digital and Multimedia Forensics

SWGDE Mac OS X Tech Notes v1.3

SWGDE Proficiency Test Guidelines

SWGDE Recommendations and Guidelines
for Using Video Security Systems

SWGDE Training Guidelines for
Video Analysis, Image Analysis and Photography

In accordance with SWGDE policy, draft documents will be posted for a minimum of 60 days for public comment. The first page of each draft document gives instructions on how to submit feedback to our Secretary via an email to All feedback received prior to our next meeting in September 2015 will be reviewed by the appropriate subcommittee at that meeting.


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