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ABRE members are scientists, analysts, engineers and experts who examine audio, video, voice, image and metadata evidence in order to enhance details, determine authenticity, identify people and events, and then deliver their results in a court approved manner.

ABRE members are frequently called upon to utilize their expertise in both civil and criminal proceedings, and in the course of their work are prepared to assist government agencies, law enforcement, prosecution, defense, businesses and colleagues.

The scientific practices and methods conducted by members of the ABRE are accepted by, and peer reviewed within, the scientific community. ABRE member results can be validated, and faithfully recreated, by other industry experts. All ABRE members are required to demonstrate and maintain the highest standards and abide by a strict code of ethics. Click HERE to learn more about joining the ABRE.

Education Resources

The ABRE approves of a wide range of educational resourced including:
> National Center for Media Forensics (Denver, CO, USA).
> Audio Video Forensics (Stockport, UK)
> Resolution Video (USA).
> The New York Institute for Forensic Audio (NY, USA).
> Click HERE to learn about the annual forensics conference.

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